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Do you want the best-in-class treatment facilities? You are at the right place. The clinic offers some of the best treatment facilities in the world and is revered for the hospitable atmosphere. The clinic maintains a high degree of professionality and the doctors have a lot of experience. The healthcare professionals offering their services are very cordial and you would get the best possible care here. The clinic has got a lot of appraisals and is the first choice for those who have given this place a visit.

Various facilities are offered here at the clinics:

Consultation – One of the most important facilities offered is consultation. The clinic houses lots of experienced doctors who have gained experience in the fields of medicine and research. Most people tend to overlook their diet and the doctors here not only offer proper consultation but even explain the importance of it all. Consultation is even offered for various diseases and what approach is to be taken for the remedies.

Home Visits – Home Visits have become really popular these days. Most doctors do not prefer to leave their chambers for home visits these days. Also a large number of clinics today have made it quite unimportant. However, this clinic offers home visits if the condition of the patient is quite critical. It is one of the most wonderful services offered here.

Diagnostic Check Ups – Different diagnostic processes are conducted at the clinic. You can get regular blood tests here and others like ECG. It is the best place to get proper diagnostic facilities at the right prices.

Medicines – The clinic offers allopathy medicines. The doctors here practice allopathic medicines and the cure rate is perfect. If you are having any health problem, you would the necessary medications here to remedy the situation. The doctors are experienced and would handle the situation very well.

Vaccination – Vaccination is one of the most secure ways to ensure good health. Vaccinations help to improve the immunity of the body. It is important to take vaccinations to prevent diseases like cholera, chicken pox, tuberculosis and others later on if life. Vaccinations have helped to eradicate various diseases and the clinic offers all the different vaccinations.

Other services – The clinic other services as well. You can check in if you have geriatric problems and you can even get the medications for a nebuliser. The clinic is one of the best in New Delhi and would answer to all your problems.

Dr (Maj) Sharad Srivastava is one of the most experienced doctors in the country. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field and has been practising medicines for cardiovascular diseases, chest diseases and infectious diseases. He has been working in different ICUs from 1995 to 2007 and has been especially involved with patients in critical conditions. Dr Srivastava had also served during the Kargil War and has received the army commander’s commendation. He had received his MBBS from the Govt. S S Medical College, Rewa in 1993.

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