About Clinic

Dr (Maj) Sharad Srivastava
MBBS, Spl. Critical Care (ICU)

Dr (Maj) Sharad Srivastava can also be reached in his clinic where it is possible to get the best health check-up. The clinic houses state-of-the-art modern equipment and offers very good facilities for the patients. The clinic offers wonderful services. The patients can receive proper health screening and check up at the facilities here. Most health problems would be treated by the experienced doctors at the clinic. The clinic has received wide acclamation from the patients who have visited the place for the wonderful services, the clean and hygienic conditions and proper patient care.

One of the best services offered are home visits are also offered for the critically sick patients. Home visits have become very unpopular today and are rarely practised. This is one of the places where the patients can request a home visit today. Different blood tests like blood tests and pathological exams are also conducted at the clinic. The clinic even offers fast and easy ECG testing for the patients.

The doctors at the clinic provide consultation to the patients regarding diets and their diseases. Patients often find themselves at a loss of answers and the proper medical path to take during a health crisis. The clinic offers some of the best healthcare services and offers proper dietary advice to the patients. Allopathy treatments prevail in the clinic and thousands of patients have found a new way of life through proper treatments here.

Last but not the least, the clinic offers is revered for its hospitality towards the patients.